About Us

Froese Enterprises started selling and hauling dirt, moss, and sand products int 1997. It soon became evident that customers needed someone to spread the product on their yards, and we met this need by purchasing our first Skidsteer. As our work evolved into landscaping, we felt the need to update on the Skidsteer, and eventually, purchase another machine that would allow work in wet, swampy areas. When our son took a serious interest in the business, and more work came along, we bought our third Skidsteer. During this time, we realized that applying seed and fertilizer with water and recycled paper would be a responsible evironmental practice, so we purchased a hydroseeder.

Our commitment is to serve the customer well, and quickly. We have not had any accidents at work to date, and our goal is to maintain a good safety record. Our business has grown steadily because of customer references and satisfaction.

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